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This is unofficial "Malaysia Boleh" Citizen Band Radio Group (Jalur Rakyat)

This site are as a guideline for Malaysian Citizen who interested in Citizen Band Radio ( Jalur Rakyat ) communities
Laman ini adalah sebagai garis panduan bagi Warganegara Malaysia yang berminat untuk Radio Jalur Rakyat (Citizen Band)" kommuniti
"In Malaysia, citizens band radios became legal when the "Notification of Issuance Of Class Assignments" by Communication and Multimedia Malaysia was published on 1 April 2000. Under this class assignment, a CB radio is classified as a "Personal Radio Service device". The frequency band is HF, 26.9650 MHz to 27.4050 MHz (40 channels), power output is 4 watts for AM and FM and 12 watts PEP for SSB. Channel 9 is reserved for emergencies, and channel 11 is a calling channel. On UHF 477 MHz, citizens band PRS radio devices are allowed 5 watts power output on FM on 39 assigned channels spaced at 12.5-kHz intervals between 477.0125 MHz and 477.4875 MHz. Channel 9 is reserved for emergencies, and channel 11 for calling. A …

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